Should Student Athletes Be Paid For Their Participation?

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Students are not Professional athletes

With sports being such a big part in a student getting admitted to college their education is often put as a secondary priority. Many student athletes lose focus on the purpose of attending college due to the dedication required for playing sports at a collegiate level. Responses by student athletes vary when asked: Should student athletes be paid for their participation in college sports? College athletes very rarely analyze everything they are given, including opportunities to meet people, luxuries such as clothes and shoes, and lastly a free education. College athletes are offered scholarships and are given the chance to attend school debt free, while playing the sport they love. Student athletes should not be paid due to the amount of benefits received while on scholarships, the title of amateurism and the difficulty to pay each sport at the collegiate level equally.
Athletes are given a large amount of scholarship money to attend college along with many benefits regular students do not get. Student athletes can receive a 4 to 5 year education in any major they choose that will be valuable after they are done competing athletically. The education provided is enough compensation due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to land a job without a college degree. College athletes receive money based athletic scholarships that go towards paying for their education. According to a figure posted in the Tucson Daily Star in Division I…

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