Should Student Athletes Be Paid For Their Participation?

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Students are not Professional athletes With sports being such a big part in a student getting admitted to college their education is often put as a secondary priority. Many student athletes lose focus on the purpose of attending college due to the dedication required for playing sports at a collegiate level. Responses by student athletes vary when asked: Should student athletes be paid for their participation in college sports? College athletes very rarely analyze everything they are given, including opportunities to meet people, luxuries such as clothes and shoes, and lastly a free education. College athletes are offered scholarships and are given the chance to attend school debt free, while playing the sport they love. Student athletes…show more content…
Par 14) In addition to scholarships, athletes receive benefits that average students do not. They are available to personal tutors, academic athletic advisors, and other benefits such as clothes, shoes, and equipment that are supplied with each athlete each year. An athlete in college also directly gets support from educational, financial, health and safety needs. Athletes are given more than what they need to survive in college and compensating them more money with create a business atmosphere and less of an educational atmosphere. College athletics is a stepping stone towards a professional athletic career. Athletes can wait a few years to get paid millions by professional franchises if they are at the professional level. The NCAA is known by many athletes to be the head honcho in all decisions regarding sports. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a non-profit association which regulates athletes, conferences; organizations; and individuals. College sports is for amateurs who are not getting paid money to play the sport while they attend school. The chances of athletes becoming professional after college is unlikely and athletes should appreciate and take advantage of the free education and services they are given for their athletic participation. Brian Kobil from Washington Times expressed, “I am wholeheartedly supportive of anyone, male or female,
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