Should Student Do Part-Time Job?

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Nowadays, students love to have part-time jobs. Their parents approve it easily as they are said to gain experience from working. However, having a job is a big responsibility for a student .by working their routine as students will be disturb. They have a lot of homework to do rather than working outside. In addition of school homework, there is tuition they have to attend especially the examination candidates. By working, they are most likely to skip their classes if their shifts overlap their schedules. Furthermore, they will not have enough time to study. As a part-time worker, their schedules are not regular and well organized. Some of them will work till late at night and neglect their studies as well. When they are at school, they…show more content…
Besides, Students usually spend their parents’ money, they do not have to work hard so they hardly know its value. It’s not until they have to try their best that they set much value on their parents’ money and long-lasting effort to bring them up. When they have to work to earn money for themselves, they will sure find how difficult it is. Furthermore, young people have to deal with many awkward cases that require them to react quickly though sensibly to get the best result. Such environment of work does not allow youngsters to be childish, indeed, they need to grow up in their thought and their action to adapt to the world of adult and business.

Students at their age should be involved with school activities and better hobbies instead of working. When they are working, they do not have leisure time to release their tension and have a good hobby. In one hand, by having a good hobby, their leisure time will be spent with good activities that they like the most. On the other hand, work part-time lead to depression and exhaustion every day. Having a hobby is not only making them glad with themselves, it also leads to healthier lifestyle such as reading, cycling and cleaning. Hobbies also tighten the family relationship. The whole family can spend time together by having the same activities. For example, in the weekend, they should spend time together by doing some activities or having a picnic on the beach. If the students are even working, they will not
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