Should Student Evaluate Teacher

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In the present age, let the students evaluate their teachers has been widely used in the education sector. The students can judge their teachers whether are good or not. Even when the students are not satisfied with their teachers, they can vote to change the teachers. But, whether the students should evaluate their teachers has sparked spirited debate. Some people assert that students should evaluate their teachers, while many others argue that students should not do that. Then this easy will discuss both opinions in this debate.

People who think the students should evaluate their teachers argue that asking the students to evaluate their teachers can benefit for both the teachers and students, there are several benefits for the
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So, the students will catch the opportunity of evaluating and give some drawbacks to their teachers. It may lead to unreliable estimation of teachers. Secondly, students’ evaluation is more likely to measure the teachers’ popularity rather than their ability. Some people claim that if the teachers are evaluated by the students, some teachers may attempt to please the students by lowering the requirements of study or making their classes easier. Then, the quality of education will worse off, the evaluation becomes meaningless. Last but not least, there are many variables that may affect the students rating. For example, the personality traits of instructors can have influence on the student rating. Research has shown that if personality traits affect students rating, it may be caused more by what instructors do in their teaching than who they are as a person.(Erdle, Murray and Rushton, 1985). Therefore, if students do not like the teachers’ personality trait, it may result in the bad evaluation of the teachers. But, the personality cannot stand for the teachers’ ability. The evaluation may mislead people and underestimate the teachers’ abilities. Meanwhile, the years of teaching experience, age and rank of the teachers have some effects on students’ evaluation. Feldman (1983) pointed out that the experienced teachers can usually received higher rating than those first-year instructors,
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