Should Student Loan Debt Be A National Crisis?

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Although many people are considering student loan debt to be a national crisis, we must understand the reality behind it. Unfortunately not everyone is fortunate enough to make it through college without accumulating debt. In Robin Wilson’s essay, “A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely”, she makes a compelling argument that shows how students get involved with really high debt. She claims, “…the problem among students who go heavily into debt is that they are determined to attend their dream college, no matter what the cost (257).” It is a true statement because students want to turn their dream into a reality. All students can reach their goal of attending a dream college by first choosing a community college in order to decrease the amount of student loans. Many students plan to go to their dream college; however they don’t take into account if they will have a job that will pay them enough money in the future to pay off their loans. A community college would be beneficial because it will act as a gateway to direct students to a job before starting their dream college. That path would provide the student with an opportunity to save up money while being in school to pay off their student loans. Wilson has a similar argument stating, “Many borrowers who find themselves in trouble use options under the federal loan program that allows them to postpone repayments on their loans for years. The problem is that because interest keeps racking up during such a deferment and after…

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