Should Students Be Allowed To Drop Out Research Paper

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Every 26 seconds, a student drops out in the United States, adding up to over 1.2 million students in a single year who do not graduate from high school. The decision to dropout is one that negatively impacts one’s future, considering job choice is consequently limited and unrewarding. As a result, students who dropout will be more often unemployed than those who do get a diploma, and even further more dependent on public assistance, due to not being able to make a sufficient salary. Although there have been steadily, continuously increasing rates of school completion in the past century, dropping out of school is still an existing problem. However, students should retain the right to drop out of high school, before the age of 18 if that is the decision they want to make.
Making the decision to dropout is a gradual process, beginning at casual detachment to the learning environment such as not finding a
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Dropping out is a choice an individual makes, after long and careful consideration. To take that right away from someone because you feel they are not capable of making their own decisions is to take away their autonomy. Contrary to popular belief, students don’t always dropout just because they are tired of school work and consequently want to rebel against the system. In fact, those types of dropouts are the minority. The others are those who need to take on pressing matters, like taking care of their family, parenting a child, etc. They should be able to decide for themselves what their future will be, not allow the government to pick it out for them. To deny students the rights to tend to pressing matters in their life that require their full attention is to take away their rights as autonomous people, no more than pawns for the government. The school system currently in place does not work out for everyone, and is deeply
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