Should Students Be Forced To Stay In School?

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Bankruptcy, unemployment, jail time… does this sound like an attractive lifestyle? Do you really want this for yourself? If your answer to the previous question was ‘no,’ then you probably plan on finishing High School at some point or another. Recently, plenty of controversy surrounding whether or not students should be forced to stay in school until 18 has flown around. Should they have a choice to leave before they are of age, or not? Well, did you know that students who leave school are more likely to go bankrupt, go to jail, and or subject to unemployment? Because of this, students should not have the choice to leave school before they are 18, or before the earn their diploma. First off, students who choose to leave school prematurely are more subject to bankruptcy. According to a survey taken by the U.S Department of Education, students who achieve a High…show more content…
Once more, according to Missy Remiss, “Those without a high school diploma have… lower job satisfaction.” Requiring students to stay in school will give more job opportunities, allowing for a higher chance of being satisfied in the workforce. Some may argue that some students may have a good choice for leaving school - such as needing to help out the family (medical, financially, etc.). But, that is a completely different situation altogether. I believe that as long as you at least plan to return and get your GED, you’ll be alright. In conclusion, those who leave school will most likely have a less-fulfilling life than those who graduate. They are subject to bankruptcy, jail time, and unemployment. No one wants that for themselves - no one wants to end up poor and miserable. In order to stop this from happening to our students, we must control teen dropout rates now. Please, make leaving school before age 18 or before graduation illegal. We must do this for a better life; both for those in the workforce, and our
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