Should Students Be Required to Take a Second Language Course

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A Modern Must A spectacle is happening in today’s society that the world, one hundred years ago, could have never thought possible. Cultural barriers between countries are blurring and are eventually predicted to disappear entirely, forming one, global nation. This process of globalization is due mainly to the rise of modern technologies through the internet and computers. Just a few decades ago, people would have never thought that an international business meeting would be as simple as few clicks of a mouse and a video-call. Now, international trading, as well as many other tasks, is becoming a reality. However, the only thing that might restrain a deal between a start-up American business and a possible Chinese investor is an…show more content…
The United States is a different story. There is an acute lack of emphasis on language in American schools, and the languages that they do teach (typically French, German, and Spanish) are rarely used after the student graduates. These languages, however, are not as important as they were at one time. Other languages should be taught as another option for students. Since China is the United States’ primary trading partner, it makes sense for students to have the option to learn Mandarin (Lapowsky). Languages spoken in other major trading countries such as India should be taught as well. These courses should be required for students to take so that America can share a common language with these countries as well as stay competitive on a global scale. Globalization is creating a world where learning a second language is a modern must. Language can open new doors for people, and now that cultural barriers are eroding, new languages have become more important and useful than ever before. To ensure that their students can grasp every opportunity that comes their way, schools need to require students to achieve proficiency in a second language. Since globalization is showing no signs of slowing, American Students need to buckle up and embrace the ride. Works Cited Akay, Leyla. "Language skills & globalization."
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