Should Students Get Paid For Grades Essay

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It is believed that school is like a full time job for kids across the country. They spend countless hours working on homework and studying for tests with no reward other than a good grade. Some people believe that students deserve to be paid for grades because they’ve been working hard in school all their lives and it encourages them to strive for greatness in the classroom. However, most students just want to be recognized, not paid, for their academic achievements, and it is a law and expectation that they attend school and work hard in class. Students should not be paid for good grades and attendance.
Paying students for good grades and attendance encourages them to want to attend class and achieve while they are in school. Paying District
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According to a study at Vanderbilt University, randomly selected students in grades 5-8 who received a certificate for their achievements were more motivated to excel than students who received a monetary reward. Also, Matthew Springer–the leader of this study–says that parents are more likely to reinforce their child’s extra effort after receiving a certificate (Balakit 8). If students would rather receive a certificate than money and their parents encourage them more for it, then why not give them certificates? It makes sense to give the students what they want. Not all students are motivated to work hard with money on the line. Most of them just want to be recognized for their accomplishments.
It should be an expectation that students attend class and work hard to get good grades. Working hard in school helps prepare students for higher levels of education such as college . Learning also adds quality to people’s lives, because knowledge is power (Reifman). The more one knows, the better off one is to succeed down the road. Education and knowledge empowers all to make a difference in the world. Therefore, doing well in school makes life easier as it goes on, and helps people understand that they are entitled to nothing. Students should be expected to work hard and not have to be bribed to do well in
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