Should Students Get Paid?. To Foundationally Break The

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Should Students Get Paid? To foundationally break the question on whether student athletes should get paid or not, we need to ask ourselves if students should get paid in the first place. Students are the reason why many young adults go to college. Students are people attending a lesson willingly to learn a lesson. College and Universities are a place for students to learn and excel with the enormous resources that are available for students to utilize. Several of our brightest citizens of the world have been students. These people include Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo), as well as many other famous, and successful people in this world. All of these successful people went…show more content…
At the end of the day, colleges and universities are a platform for students to learn and excel. At the same time they are there for businesses to become success stories. Campuses are surrounded by businesses, which is great for the economy. Economic growth is significant for businesses around college and university campuses, as well as for the school itself. Athletes, Should They Get Paid? As said before, let’s break down the definition of “student athletes.” In the last paragraph, it was discussed whether students should get paid. In this section, we will discuss the importance of athletes. Currently, athletes are not paid in any sport unless they turn professional. Some universities and colleges give compensation to college athletes and they may deduct tuition and other various fees from athletes for just being an athlete, but they are not personally paid due to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) regulations, by which many universities and colleges adhere by. Why pay athletes in the first place? Sports are a platform for entertainment. People pay professional actors and actresses for entertaining their audience by going to the movies, people pay artist at fairs for the amazing creations that they create, and people pay musicians and singers for entertaining the audience at shows. People pay for entertainment. College sports are a form of entertainment. Similar to movies, fairs, and shows, sports provide an avenue

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