Should Students Get Their Education Abroad?

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Should Students Get Their Education Abroad? It is predicted that 4.1 million pupils are getting their education abroad (Staines, 3013). Students who are concerned about having a better future will choose to have a better education. Thus, they want to improve their knowledge through studying in developed countries. However, some researches has shown that a lot of people don 't like the idea of international education. Circumstantial causes, security and prices worries and other personal aspects are reasons why some people don 't prefer the idea of international education. In my opinion, I think students should get external education because it will lead a better job, increase students ' creativity, and obtain better learning of English.
Leading a better job is one of the reason why students should get their study abroad. Those students who get their education outside have the tendency to be clearer about the life and career decisions they want. Furthermore, studying abroad will provide students with a particular attitude toward their scholastic job. Moreover, student could gain a personal growth through their adventure abroad. New abilities are obtained from living outside like responsibility and self-reliance. According to Martin Tillman (2011, p.2), a president at global career compass, in “AJFS students guide to study abroad and career development”, international education may lead to a better understanding of career decisions, and better attitude on actions following
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