Should Students Learn about World Religions in Public Schools?

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state the position and your 3-point thesis (3 reasons) 2) identify a clear perspective (from which you are speaking) with an appropriate tone and an audience 3) write in third-person point of view (singular/plural) 4) write in present tense Logos = consistency; ethos- credibility; pathos- persuasion Should students learn about world religions in public schools? Introduction Begin creatively! (Start with a question, scenario, quote, statistic/fact, exclamatory statement.) Since 2003, the Modesto City school district in Modesto, Calif., has embarked on a successful experiment in using the public school curriculum to foster respect and tolerance for world religions. Other public schools include cursory asides to world religions in courses such as sociology or English or in dependent elective courses devoted to the subject, but Modesto, in contrast, obligates its 9th graders to take an independent course on World Religions. Their rationale for doing so is that students learn to respect the religion of their classmates and acquire tolerance and understanding of all religions. Research shows that the school has increased students' respect for religious diversity. Include focal sentences. (These are the sentences that make up the topic.) Modesto is a superb example of the fact that a school can successfully integrate programs about world religions into their curriculum and that the results can be helpful for both the individual students in that they learn to tolerate and
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