Should Students Pay For College? Essay

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Being an undergraduate student and transferring from a community college I began to wonder the cost to join a university. I know that it’s rather cheaper to do the first two years at a community college rather than going straight to Kinarda university. Each year, tuition is rising and more students begin to take out loans to obtain their educational degree. After doing research I discovered there is a lot that goes in to the price students pay to attend school. Paying for college is like a partnership. The federal government, states, institutions, foundations and individual students and their families all have a role in paying for college. The government ensures equal educational opportunity through student aid programs. States also assure access by subsidizing public colleges to keep tuition cost within reach of their citizens. Institutions also come into play for paying tuition. Institutions aim to maximize quality and minimize tuition inflation. However institutions never charge tuition equivalent to the full cost of a college education. We also discussed in class that private foundations and other organizations provide private funding to institutions. Some donors provide scholarships that are allocate directly to students. Furthermore, what I really enjoyed discussing in this class was about for-profit institutions and how they work. According to research, many observers of higher education opposed for-profit colleges and universities spending high dollars on
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