Should Students Really Have Bottles Gone?

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Imagine having an immense test tomorrow and not being prepared at all. Your palms are sweating and your heart is racing. This test could make, or break your grade. You try extremely hard to pay attention, but some kid right next to you won't stop flipping his water bottle. They not only are making it tough for you to concentrate, but they can’t either. Bottle flipping has been an annoyance to many people, whether it be parents, teachers, or even fellow peers. Is it really worth your time? No doubt bottle flipping is a big distraction from your school work. Instead of focusing on the important things many kids just concentrate on how many times there bottle lands. It messes with your learning skills, and it also causes unnecessary attention from your teacher. Is flipping a water bottle worth getting in trouble? Many schools have even banned water bottle flipping for this reason, such as Fulston Manor School in Sittingbourne, Kent, according to Paddy Dinham. The article says that the reason this decision came to be was so they could, “...avoid problems created by litter, messing about in lessons and pupils indulging in the current craze of flipping bottles with all the intended and unintended consequences this produces.” It’s basically a game, and we wouldn’t just pull out a board game in the middle of class and start…show more content…
However, many people spend their precious time doing things that don’t matter instead of things such as studying, spending time with family, ETC. Do you really want bottle flipping to define you? The number of things you could do with that time is limitless, so why waste it? Although I’m against bottle flipping I will admit that it is a fun activity to do when you are bored. It creates endless amounts of fun with something you can find just about anywhere. On the other hand it should really only be something to do in your free time, not at school or other places of
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