Should Students Study Abroad?

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Should Students Study Abroad? If you had a chance to get your dream job at a prestigious high tech workplace in the country, would you go for it? If you choose not to study abroad, you are choosing to commit career sabotage and saying goodbye to your job prospects. The phenomena of students leaving their home country to continue their studies else where is continuing to increase over the years. Even though many people disagree with studying abroad, claiming that it has many disadvantages, researchers are concluding that students that study abroad improve their academic performance and career opportunities. The Erasmus Programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) student exchange programme states, “survey results indicate that 92% of employers are looking for personality traits found to be enhanced by study or training abroad, such as tolerance, confidence, problem-solving skills, curiosity, knowing one’s strengths/weaknesses, and decisiveness” (ICEF). By studying abroad, I believe that high school or college aged students will increase cultural understanding, learn other languages, and gain skills and experience that will help them achieve their career and educational goals.
In order to increase cultural understanding, I believe that it’s important to view foreign cultures hands-on with our own eyes, and to meet and interact with the people who live there. This is so much different than reading about history in a textbook. I studied
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