Should Students Take A Parenting Class? High School?

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Picture this, she is sixteen, overjoyed and excited. That time has come, kicking, screaming, shouting, and crying. Nurses in and out of the room, monitors going off, family standing there as their support system. This describes a typical labor process for most women. What most people do not know is that they are not typically prepared for the worst, or prepared at all. Having a baby is an enormous responsibility that people should be prepared for and educated about. The debate about having these classes in high school has its merits, but ultimately, these classes are too important to discontinue. For several reasons, students should be required to take a parenting class in high school. Many people could sit there and tell them reasons that children should not be learning about parenting classes, or why having these classes could potentially help in the long run. First aid, for example, is an important factor, not everyone knows how to care for an infant choking on a Cheerio. Statics show that the United States have the highest birth rate from teen pregnancy. Thirty-four percent of young women get pregnant at least one time before the age of 20; that is about 820,000 women a year.( familyfirstaid) Although eight of every ten teen pregnancies are unintended and 79 percent of that are women unmarried. If the United States’ birth rate is so high to teen mothers could anybody possibly imagine how high death rate is of infants, due to the lack of knowing CPR. Many deaths could…
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