Should Students Use Ebonics During The Classroom? Essay

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1. Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement: We should allow students to use Ebonics in the classroom. Make sure you explain your answer well.
I agree that we should allow students to use Ebonics in the classroom because then stu-dent will be able to learn about the different cultures and languages for them to know for their future learning and lives. Ebonics is an important in the because not all students may have access to someone with a different language than our own. It should be something that looks desirable for the study of language as part of the schools’ curriculum for all of the stu-dents. In the end, it is a teachers’ job to provide the “standard” that students can understand the language heard around them. They must teach the reading and writing to the students whose culture and language is different, and that the teacher must be able to teach students who choose to another language to learn.

2. What is the difference between prejudice and racism? Give 2 specific and detailed examples.
The difference between prejudice and racism is that prejudice is an opinion or an idea that is based on fact, logic, or actual experience and racism is a belief that one race is superior than another or treating a person or group differently based on their race. An example of racism would be that someone believes that whites are better than blacks because of the education we
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