Should Students Wear School Uniforms

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Jesus Arias Mr. Monaco English 9A P.5 12 October 2016 Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms? A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries. Students should have to wear school uniforms. Mandating students to wear school uniforms substantially reduces the violence in schools. According to “The Effects of School Uniforms on Self Esteem” by Jennifer Rodriguez, Rowan University, King, “Walker, and Minor (2002) did a study on how school uniforms effect violence. They reported a relationship between uniforms and violence; violence was higher in schools with no uniforms.” This demonstrates that school uniforms reduce violence on school because the study suggested that violence was higher in school without uniforms. Therefore, mandated school uniforms will reduce violence on school. School uniforms promote school safety. According to ”School Dress Codes Are Necessary and Constitutional” it states, “Since they began requiring uniforms, crime in the school district has dropped by 91 percent, suspensions have decreased by 90 percent, sex offenses have been reduced by 96 percent and vandalism is down 69 percent.” This demonstrates that school uniforms promote school safety because, the crime and sex offenses have gone down significantly since school uniforms were mandatory in California’s Long Beach school district. The suspensions have also
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