Should Supplements Be A Type Of Eating Disorder Among Men?

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Case description:
In this news article, CBS news demonstrated that researchers led by Richard Achiro, PhD at Alliant International University, Los Angeles presented evidence that consuming great amount of supplement is considered a type of eating disorder among men since overusing supplements can also lead to malnutrition and psychological problem. Researchers conducted a survey questioning 195 men between ages 18 and 35 about their diet, their training, and how they view themselves physically in order to observe if supplements have a relationship with eating disorders. The results of the type fitness supplements that the majority of the participants of the survey used were whey protein, creatain, and L creatine. They also used legal enhancing drugs (APED), and worked out minimum twice a week. Also 29% said they worried about consuming on APED and 22% have use this supplements instead of eating. 8% had to cut down on their usage of supplements on the order of their doctor and due to over consuming of supplements. 3% have been hospitalized for kidney or liver complications due to APED drug. This is considered as an eating disorder since instead of using APED to help bulk up, they use it as meal replacement to help cut weight. This is due to having body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem since they have created an image of the perfect body for a male that is unrealistic and can be harmful to achieve.
Psychological application:
This research discussed how excessively using…

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