Should Surrogacy Be Legal?

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Some surrogate mothers also fall in love with the baby they are carrying. Although it is not the woman’s child, she would have carried it inside her body for nine months. There have been cases where a surrogate mother has decided to not give up the child at the end of the pregnancy. Some surrogate mothers even try to sell the baby they are carrying to another family or person besides the planned parents.
The question, “What would the couple do then?” is often asked. The couple would not have a child and they would have lost an embryo. The couple could take the surrogate mother to court, but it may not help. There is the possibility of winning the case, however, there is no guarantee. If the mother and father were to win the case it may be a long process. By that point, the child could be born and in a normal routine with the surrogate mother. Surrogacy is not a logical solution to infertility. Another option besides surrogacy could be adoption.
Adoption for some couples is very useful; these couples find satisfaction in it. Some, however do not perfer adoption. Adoption can be a very long process. There are some children in foster care who are very desirable children. These children are wanted by many different families. Because so many people want kids like these, there is a waiting list for them.
Families wait a long time to have children. Nine months is a long haul of anticipation for a child, so is the waiting list for a foster child. For example, Cheya Breager, a
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