Should Surrogacy Be Legal? Surrogacy?

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Typically, the concept of a traditional family is about a father, a mother, and children. The expectation of having a family is to have children of their own, yet some couples don’t have the beatitude of conceiving their own children. One option available for intended parents that cannot have children would be surrogacy. Surrogacy is a scientific method that helps couples that have fertility complications or can’t conceive children at all. Surrogacy is a complicated legal concern because surrogate mothers can end up wanting the baby thus leaving the intended parents without their baby. Intended parents should have all legal parental rights and surrogate mothers should not seek for custody of the baby. Moreover, the intended parents are the parents of the child for many reasons depending on their surrogacy arrangement. There are a couple of different scientific methods to do surrogacy depending on the intended parent’s case. The most common type is when doctors extract sperm from the intended male to inseminate it to the surrogate mother’s egg this case makes the surrogate mother the gestational mother and the genetic father is the intended father. Another type is called vitro-fertilization or gestational surrogacy is when both the egg and sperm are extracted from the intended female and male and are put into the surrogate mother, and this makes the intended mother and father the genetic parents. The last type is when the egg and sperm are from donors and are put into the

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