Should Surrogate Mothers Be Legalized in Taiwan?

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Should Surrogate mothers be legalized in Taiwan?
Evelyn Liu
National Central University

Surrogate mothers has been a critical issue in many countries for a long time. Recently, Taiwan has an issue on its legalization. There is already a draft passed in the Legislative Yuan. However, many people still debate about should surrogate mothers be legalized in Taiwan? From different aspects, including moral, law, homosexuals, and so on, I will discuss about whether it should legalize in Taiwan. Surrogacy does cause several problems, whether its legalization is beneficial to our society? If there seems to have many difficulties in executing the surrogacy, should we give up and
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If we can regulate and execute it on proper price, usage, concepts, and so on, they are truly beneficial to our society.
Surrogacy is morally wrong? Surrogacy is seen as a morally wrong way to use. "Surrogacy will be destructive of intimate relationships by giving birth to the couple's child." (Ozolins, 1998) That is, the surrogate mother is seen as a third person through a marriage that was originally formed by a husband and a wife. On the other hands, the surrogate mothers also have the intimate link with the children. "Since we cannot deny their position and importance to the children, this may cause the problem of self-identity to the kids because the children may be confused that who their real mother is." (Ozolins, 1998) If we treat the surrogate mother as a person ,and then we take the children away, it may exploit her right to own. Accordingly, it might cause the surrogate mothers' psychological problems. How do they feel when the kids that they give birth to are taken away and how do they overcome the mood? Payment is another issue. Nothing can pay for the psychological and biological hurt of surrogate mothers. Although some people may think they are willing to do that, they are struggling for life. For those uneducated women, they may have no other choices but to take this as a career in order to afford the enormous fee for their lives and their families. However, it's still not a good option for them to

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