Should Tablets Become The New Primary Way Students Learn?

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Should Tablets Become the New Primary Way Students learn?
With each passing year, school systems strive to become the best/top school in their district by developing new ways to help further educate young minds and improving over all testing scores. To achieve their goals, some schools has cut down on recess and increased class room proactivity. Other schools just simply took out your basic electives such as home EC and work shop and replaced them with more math classes and science class. Then you have some schools where the newest technology; such as tablets, is the next best thing in to teaching your children. Even though finding the best solution for teaching our children better in school is always the best thing we can do for them, bringing in tablets for children may help them learn how to use technology better, but it will in reality decrease their chances of actually learning to their full content. Tablets should not be allowed to become the primary way students learn.
Learning how to use the newest technology is always the useful way of adapting along with how our current century is leading into. Technology is something that is growing rapidly and is used a lot more frequently then ever before. It has improved the way we do things such as communicating with each other, searching for information has became a lot more accessible through the use of online, and even our transportation as evolved from the use of the internet by creating things such as smart cars. But…
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