Should Taxpayers Fund College Tuition? No?

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Anna Lis
Professor Holly Boux
Political Science 103
December 1st, 2015 Should Taxpayers Fund College Tuition? No

Dear Representative John Kline,

Executive Summary: In the United States, college should remain an accessible opportunity for Americans. Any one who is willing to put in the hard work and effort to make their future better, should be secured an education. A college education is important to one 's future and can make a huge difference in how successful someone can become. There have been multiple presidents and politicians offer a solution to higher education costs being so high. The solution is to make taxpayers fund the tuition dollars. The tuition for college and universities everywhere should be shared between the government, students and families, states, and the colleges and universities themselves. College should be more affordable, but it should not be 100% taxpayer-funded tuition.

Context and Importance of the Problem: College tuition cannot be free because there is simply no such thing as a free college education. People think that free higher education would benefit the middle-class families and help the amount of student debt building up in the United States. The truth is that making a policy for taxpayer-funded tuition would hurt the majority of students and families. Allison Shrager made a comment in her article about free tuition, "While tuition is free, living expenses are not covered. Free tuition resulted in lower grants used
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