Should Teenagers Be Tried As AdultJuveniles

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Should teenagers be tried as adult?
Juveniles are not allowed to drink, vote, and their signatures are invalid. Why? Because adolescents are mentally incapable of making mature, responsible, well processed decisions. In adults, various parts of the brain work together to evaluate choices, make decisions and act accordingly in each situation. The teenage brain does not yet work like this, due to the fact that it is still developing. Due to the progress of brain development in their prefrontal cortex teenagers are still unable to process judgment; therefore they lack the cognitive development to be tried as adults.
The brain's remote control is the prefrontal cortex, a section of the brain that weighs outcomes, forms judgments and controls
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In contrast, adult prisons do not consider rehabilitation a primary goal in the criminal justice system. You are just doing time for your crime. Therefore teenagers go in making bad decisions and come out ready to make more. They are not guided towards moving forward and to making better decisions in an adult prison. (Knox)
Sentencing a teenage to a harsh a long sentence, takes away their life. They are young and will never get to learn and grow past their bad decisions, make a better name out of their past. Putting a teenager in an adult prison is murder in a sense; you are taking a life away. Teenagers should have to go through a juvenile facility to give their life’s a second chance. Teenagers make mistakes all the time. It wouldn’t be written off as a slap on the wrist, but an opportunity to a new a better beginning of their life. Trying and sentencing teenagers as adults, takes away their life. They do not get to live their life.
Teenagers should not be tried as adults. Due to the lack of cognitive development, outcome of going to a prison, and the vindictiveness of taking someone’s life away. Unless a legal no one should be tried as an adult. It is unjust to push someone - that is in no sense an adult other than their physical features - through a system that is for

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