Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control

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Barbara Burton Professor Singh English 111 November 13, 2012 Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control? Teenagers are still growing and learning. Sometimes we forget that they are making choices that can affect their whole life. Yes, we are here to teach them and to guide them in making decisions that will help shape their future. Are they going to make mistakes? Are they going to regret some of their choices? Are they going to wish that they had listened to their parents at times that they didn’t? I’m pretty sure that we made mistakes as teenagers and decisions that we wish we could change. I know that some made worse choices than others but, we have all made poor choices at one time or another even as adults. I definitely feel that…show more content…
This is a fact confirmed by the CDC (“About Teen Pregnancy”). It is also a fact that teen pregnancy continues to decline every year at an incredible rate. This could definitely be due to sex education and the availability of birth control without parental consent. Janice Shaw Crouse wrote about a D.C. area study which shows that abstinence programs have been effective. This data showed that girls in this program were seven times less likely to engage in sexual activity than girls that were not in the abstinence program (“Birth Control” 115). This proves that abstinence can help in the fight against teen pregnancies and the spread of STD’s. I do agree with this being a great tool in this fight yet, it will not keep our kids safe. Some of our kids will still choose to be sexually active and we need to prepare them for this choice. The Journal of American Medical Association reports that roughly 1 in 5 teenagers would have unsafe sex if they had to notify parents when getting birth control (“Birth Control” 144). Think back to when you were young and the choices that you made. I, through personal experience, have to agree with this statement. I was 17 when I became a patient at Family Planning. They encouraged me to talk to my parents but, I was not forced to. I was able to obtain birth control for free and education from a nurse that helped me to make a decision that

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