Should Teenagers Put Down Their Phones?

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Teenagers are on cellphones like bees on honey, they can’t get enough of their cellphone and they can’t put them down but why? That’s the million dollar question, why can’t teenagers put down their phones? The reality of it is they are addicted to their cellular device weather it is to surf the web or to play games or even just to take a selfie. On April 3, 1973 Motorola employee martin cooper stood in midtown Manhattan and placed a call to the headquarters of bell labs in New Jersey. (The Atlantic). As long as there have been cellphones teenagers have always been able to get their hands on one, but that’s not the problem that’s actual a good thing but the problem is the obsession that teens have with their phones and how it’s ruining their lives. Of course they don’t see it that way, ask them and they will say their cellphones are enhancing their lives or making it better in every way, but everyone else around them can see that cellphones are controlling teens lives and or distracting them from the of the world. The background of teens and cellphones goes way back to the first cellphone in 1973, but now this generation is the worst. The teenagers of this generation have so much access to technology and internet that they don’t even need to have a cellphone to be addicted to all its amenities in 1973 there was no internet and technology was still beginning so teens back then wasn’t attached to their cellular devices like teens are today. So that brings me to the million
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