Should Teens Be Allowed To Get Tattoos?

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Have you ever been restricted from doing something you wanted to do because of your age? HEY There are many laws put in place formed around age restriction, the most popular being driving and drinking. However, other common activities restricted by age are getting piercing and tattoos. Currently, in the state of Florida, kids under the age of eighteen may not be tattooed or pierced without the consent of a legal guardian. Legalizing teens to have tattoos and unnatural piercings without the legal consent of a guardian should not be permitted because of immature decisions, dangers along with job restrictions. In the first place, parental consent during piercing and tattoos should exist with minors because of immature choices. Whenever teenagers are young they may enjoy something at the moment but whenever they mature into adults they might have a different idea. One article shows that twenty percent of older…show more content…
Many people in job situations are denied a job or told to “cover up” their tattoos for their job. In a 2015 article, a mother was concerned with her son’s employment opportunities because of the tattoo and piercings he had on his face. Th employment then went on to tell the mother it would definitely hurt her son’s chances of getting a job no matter what his academic achievements are. A seventeen-year-old woman was cut out of her promotion because of her tattoos. She goes along to say “…my boss immediately denied me the promotion” which results in her quitting a few months later. Pew Research Center survey shows 55% of the West South Central region disapproves of tattoos in the workplace. Many parents are concerned with a child’s job qualifications now that their child has tattoos which could possibly be prevented by keeping laws that ensure a parent’s permission to get tattoos and piercings as a
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