Essay on Should Teens Be Tried as Adults?

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A number of researchers have suggested over years that teenage brains are not yet fully developed. At the National Institute of Mental Health researchers have studied the human brain ever since the stage of birth all the way to adulthood, to prove that the brain is not complete. When it comes to this topic, Americans assume that if a teenage commits a crime than they should not be held accountable because of their age. Yet they must consider that teens are capable of understanding the situation they are in, how they are looked upon as young adults,, and how they should learn from their mistakes. Over the years more and more teens are being tried as adults for crimes they commit. Are the punishments really necessary or is it going to…show more content…
These reasons can most definitely change the life of a teen. Many teenagers can most likely be able to relate to this. For example, we all want to experience what it is to live and how it is like out there in the world. As much as it sounds tempting, there is always the right time for that. Adolescents just want to try and have fun without actually stopping to think. This is what causes most of early adulthood problems. Particularly because they think they are seen as adults, then that is when they can do anything and just get away with it. That is definitely not the case for many. Many end up in huge problems. Even if parents allow for their children to have some what of the freedom they so desperately try to get a hold up they make mistakes. Which then leads to their parents restricting their freedoms even more. So, the big idea is that if teens are competent to commit a crime such as murder, robbery, or whatever the case may be, then they should be able to handle and suffer the consequences that come afterwards. Furthermore, teens always find a way to get away with certain problems, even if they are small they still try avoid the consequences. In other words they are trying to get the easy way of their problems. But this may not be the best choice because they can be making matters worse. Besides, teens who commit crimes should be tries as adults, the reason being that if they do not get punished then
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