Should Teens Get Forced Into Getting Plastic Surgery?

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Kara Woody
English 11
Research paper
March 22, 2017

Why Do I Look Different? “Mommy, why do you look so different from me?” The Little girl is only five and does not understand that her mother looks different from her, due to the fact she has gotten a lot of plastic surgery done to herself. Whose little girl wants to grow up and look beautiful, just like her mother, but doesn’t understand the risk of plastic surgery. When the little girl grows into a teen, she thinks she is finally ready to get her first cosmetic surgery done, a nose job. Her mother is all for it, since she has had plenty of cosmetic surgeries before, but is this perfectly team getting this for herself, where to make her think that society will see her
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To these teens that think that plastic surgery is the “quick fix” to everything, they will never be satisfied with themselves. Teens that feel this way do not need plastic surgery to make them better, they need professional help, like therapist. Plastic surgery will not solve their problems. Another reason why teams get plastic surgery is because they see their parents have it, so they think they need it to feel normal. Teen see their parents happy with these procedures, which makes things thank that since they are happy with themselves with these plastic parts in them, that if they get it it will make them happy, and make them feel welcomed in this world. Some parents encourage their daughters to get plastic surgery, because that is what they think their kids want and need. “evidence to show that mothers plastic surgery may lay down a foundation of body insecurity for her daughter,” said Hesse Biber. Mothers should let their daughters decide what they want when they are older and can make their own decisions. Social media is another thing that pressure seems to get plastic surgery. We have a thing called Instagram models that are skinny and beautiful. These models usually have YouTube where they upload videos of their plastic surgery journey. Instagram models get paid to do the surgeries and tell people and teens to get plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons give these models discounts to
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