Essay about Should Teens Have Parental Consent to Receive Birth Control?

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As we see in the world today many teens are becoming mothers before they finish high school or before they turn 18. Although some teens are on birth control already many are not because they are afraid to tell their parents which may lead to their parents thinking they are sexually active. Moreover, teens usually find themselves in a professional clinic trying to seek different options of birth control but they are derailed by having parental consent or notification. Many clinics have a policy were teen needs to have parental consent to receive birth control. Many parents feel that teens should be able to make the choice by themselves if they are having sex or just being careful. But the one question many parents are unable to agree upon …show more content…
Students feel that going through a pharmacy is too much hassle but by purchasing the pill in a vending machine is great if need in a real emergency. By having the Plan B available quickly will reduce pregnancy and abortion that many teens face on a daily basis.
Teens should be allowed to purchase birth control without parental consent because many parents agree that their child is mature to make the decision on their own. The author of “Contrceptive should be available to teens without parental consent claims that birth control is a freedom of fundamental human rights.” If teens are making the decision to have sex without parental consent birth control should be the same when it comes to protecting themselves against pregnancy and other life changing decisions. Furthermore, many teens are not open when it comes to talking to their parents about sex not to mention birth control. Birth control should be attained without parental consent unless the individual decides if her parents should be involved. Many facilities that offer birth control such as Planned Parenthood does not require parental consent due to confidentiality clauses. In the article, “Planned Parenthood goes to explain that Planned Parenthood believes that everyone has the right to medically accurate, age
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