Should Teens Have Pay For Being Insane?

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Andrea Cantu Rough Draft
4 May 2015
Should Teens Have to Pay for Being Insane?
All over the United States, thousands of teens have been tried as adults. Around three thousand have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Teens thirteen years old have been sentenced to die in prison, without any attention to their age or offense. Now tell me if i’m crazy but these kids won’t even be able to live their life, not get the chance to experience how life really is, or graduate, get married, or have kids. Their life will never begin because they are going to trapped in a place where they might be influenced to commit the crime again or any crime for that matter. Everyone knows that teens make stupid decisions, but depending on the decision, should they be tried as an adult or be tried as a teen. This question has been discussed so many times around the world, and I’m hearing and seeing so many different opinions that actually changed my mind about the whole thing.
When this topic was brought up at school, my first opinion was for them to be tried as adults, because age shouldn 't matter and that if their old enough to commit the crime then they are old enough to do the time. But after hearing so many opinions I changed my mind, because even though teens know what 's right and wrong they still do it anyway because their teens. They don 't listen, and even if you tell them that they are going to get into trouble they do it anyway. I seen a whole lot…
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