Should Television Be Public Consumption?

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The Catholic Thing is one of my favorite blogs. The other day the featured article was by Randall Smith. Here 's the introduction: "What’s the one thing you never see people on television doing? They’re shown fighting, swimming nude, having sex, using the restroom, and a host of other things you wouldn’t expect would be fodder for public consumption. But one thing people on television never (or almost never) do is watch television. This is odd, since people who want you to do something usually try to make you think “everyone is doing it.” Thus in Nike ads, everyone seems to be running or swimming or biking. Everyone at parties is shown drinking plenty of beer. Nobody gets anything important done anymore without a laptop computer. These images are ubiquitous on television because this is what advertisers pay for. But televisions: Where are they? You’d think the people who sell televisions would insist that every house on television have a television in every room and someone watching it intently. But on television programs, televisions are notoriously absent – from houses, bars, and hospitals – even though they’re nearly impossible to escape in real life. Why is that? The answer is obvious. If a television show showed people watching television, those people’s lives would be so boring we wouldn’t be able to stand watching them. So what does that tell us about ourselves when we’re watching television?"
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