Should Television Programs Be Banned?

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TV programs broadcasted in Malaysia are mainly imported from the USA and other Western countries, and the values are different from the values in Malaysian communities. The government argued that the media had negative influences on the education, attitude, and morality amongst Malaysian youth. With TV programs such as Baywatch, Friends, and several reality shows being popular amongst the youth, a lack of Malaysian values are being expressed. Malaysian TV stations even adopted some of the concepts, creating remakes of some of these programs with Malaysian actors and civilians, such as Malaysian Idol based off of American Idol. (Halim, 2004) Eventually, the Malaysian government began taking a stand. They began banning certain films and…show more content…
Just like a person, you grow from your experiences and mistakes, and try not to make the same mistakes. Malaysia pushes not to make the same mistakes, so they came up with a resolution that will still positively affect their economy, but preserve their culture at the same time. That is the number one fundamental of growth in any aspect; knowing what to change and what to keep the same. Malaysia has and continues to master that fundamental.
Malaysia has become extremely successful using the influences of the American culture. Globalization is one of the major factors to Malaysia’s phenomenal economic development and growth. (Essays, 2013) And some of Malaysia’s growth stemmed from American media. The Malaysian government believes that the media is most effective amongst teenagers and young adults. This impact was seen significantly in the teenagers and young adults of the community because they are the main receivers and importers of foreign culture and values from the West. (Halim, 2004) This age group counts for 7.4 million of the 28.5 million people in Malaysian with the percentage constantly increasing, so the impact is felt throughout the communities. (Halim, 2004). So to keep Malaysia open to the acceptance of influences from the American culture and the method of sharing a bidirectional force, we have to tend to the minds of the younger generation. Using television, film and music, I will display the American culture and make it easy to understand our values.
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