Should Terri Go in Bucking Her Boss

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Case 3-33 (45 minutes) 1. Explain how shaving 5% off the estimated direct labor-hours in the base for the predetermined overhead rate usually results in a big boost in net operating income at the end of the fiscal year.

Shaving 5% off the estimated direct labor-hours in the predetermined overhead rate will result in an artificially high overhead rate. The artificially high predetermined overhead rate is likely to result in overapplied overhead for the year. The cumulative effect of overapplying the overhead throughout the year is all recognized in December when the balance in the Manufacturing Overhead account is closed out to Cost of Goods Sold. If the balance were closed out every month or every quarter, this effect would be
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This double-whammy effect increases the predetermined overhead rate.

2. Acquisition of the automated milling machine will increase the apparent costs of all jobs—not just those that use the new facility. This is because the company uses a plantwide overhead rate. If there were a different overhead rate for each department, this would not happen.

3. The predetermined overhead rate is now considerably higher than it was. This will penalize products that continue to use the same amount of direct labor-hours. Such products will now appear to be less profitable and the managers of these products will appear to be doing a poorer job. There may be pressure to increase the prices of these products even though there has in fact been no increase in their real costs.

4. While it may have been a good idea to acquire the new equipment because of its greater capabilities, the calculations of the cost savings were in error. The original calculations

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