Should The BCS Replace The Salary System

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Have you ever thought why college football doesn't have a playoff while watching your favorite team play? Well I'm here to say why the BCS should be replaced by a playoff system or something similar to it . If you are wondering what the BCS is, it pins the top 2 ranking teams against each other while the other top 8 teams have 4 bowl games. The top 2 teams are chose from biased polls from the coaches, people, and a computer. The playoffs are unbiased and depend on skill, because it only goes by the top record teams (9-0, 7-2).

One reason why the BCS should be replaced is, the polls used to determine the top 2 teams are biased. One third of the ranking is from the coaches’ vote. The coaches have to watch every game of the season to truly know who to vote for, and train their team for the next game. The coaches also will vote for their own team to make it into the bowl game. To show how much the coaches vote matter think of it this way; if 100 people vote 33 of the votes would be coaches votes.
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Statistics from the Gallup poll stated that, “85% of college football fans supported a change to a playoff system of some kind. 69% of fans surveyed preferred the idea of a playoff tournament involving the top four, eight, or 16 teams to replace bowl games while 16% preferred a one-game playoff between the top teams emerging from the post-season bowl games.” The way that the sport runs is from the money the teams make from their fans. If the fans get what they want, more people will come to the games, and more money will be
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