Should The BP Oil Spill

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Have you ever been to the beach and been told you are not allowed to enter the water due to oil consuming the shoreline? I was just in middle school when I took a family vacation to Alabama, and shortly I realized this vacation wouldn’t be near as much fun as I had planned on it being. At the time, I had no idea why and how oil had accumulated in mass amounts on the beaches and in the water. However, years later I learned of the United States largest environmental disaster ever to happen, known as the BP Oil Spill. What regulations should be passed to ensure us all that an oil spill of this magnitude won’t happen again? Lives were lost as well as harm and death to many marine animals. BP should have had considerably more regulations aboard…show more content…
Until the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the worst oil spill had been the Exxon Valdez spill in 1979. The Exxon Valdez spill also took place in the Gulf of Mexico and dumped around 190 million less gallons of oil than the BP oil spill. The first cleanup barge did not reach the site for 14 hours and by then, nearly 1,100 miles of shoreline had been covered in oil. This was the first oil spill that was responsible for the eye-opening controversy over the safety of deepwater oil rigs. With that being said, the impact of the BP oil spill is still in existence today. The economy suffered tremendously in the Gulf areas. The oil spill on the fisheries industry could total $8.7 billion by 2020, including the un-employment of 22,000 jobs. The spill was also a huge blow to the ecosystem on a global scale. Endangered sea turtles that had usually migrated to the Gulf from Mexico, South America and West Africa died in the spill. Bottlenose dolphins living in Barataria Bay, Louisiana had a 63% lower reproductive season compared to other dolphin species following the oil spill. Finally, the deep-water coral reefs were almost wiped out over an area three times larger than Manhattan. The results of the oil spill are not always readily visible for us to clearly see, but that doesn’t mean that they still don’t exist to this day. Additionally, it has been seven years since the oil spill and until 2015, the future of the two BP employees in charge of the rig at the time of the spill was unknown. However, on 3 December 2015, US federal prosecutors dropped the manslaughter charges against Donald Vidrine and Robert Kaluza, who were the two rig supervisors on the day of Deepwater Horizon explosion. This ended the United States pursuit of criminal charges over the BP employees. But, “The two supervisors still have to face allegations

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