Should The Buffet Rule Become Legislation?

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After reading various articles about the Buffet Rule, I’ve become inclined to believe that it should not become legislation. My reasoning for this is that the overall idea behind the Buffet Rule is to close the gap between what middle-class workers pay in taxes and what those who make one-million or more pay in taxes, which, as Sahadi (2011) points out, may be more challenging than it sounds as it would require those high-earners to pay at least 30% of their income (Sahadi, 2011; Sahadi, 2015). The complexity of implementing the proposal comes from the variety of investing options available to those high earners and how to refine the benefits so that other areas of the economy are not negatively affected. The problem as I understand it would be how to tax investment incomes in a manner that is fair across the board, but also contribute to the 30% proposed by the Buffett Rule.…show more content…
With regards to the middle-class, I believe that the Buffett Rule would be welcomed and refreshing as the tax contributions from millionaires would be a ratio that is similar to their own (Brundage, 2012). As for my reaction, I would likely be indifferent to the Buffett Rule’s implementation at my income level. However, even if I was a millionaire, I’d still likely be indifferent to its implementation due to how I prioritize my
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