Should The Confederate Flag

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There are many controversial ideas about the stars and bars or as most people call it the confederate flag. These controversial ideas have led to a large disagreement between white and black people. White southerners tend to see the flag as a memorial or as a symbol of heritage pride, while blacks tend to see it as racism. A lot of people miss some important facts when judging the white southerners point of view. The white southern people during this time were fighting mainly for states’ rights. Slavery just happened to be one of those rights. Slavery is not the biggest reason for the war that would be states’ rights. Also, some blacks remained slaves even after they were freed, because their masters treated them better then society would.…show more content…
Everyone who believed in it and the confederacy looked to the flag. Still today, the flag is a symbol for those who died on the very soil, we, as southerners walk on. Our ancestors fought for what they wanted and believed in. The confederate states were destroyed completely. The government helped the states to rebuild, but it was a long and slow process. The Civil War was not the best thing. A lot of people died and families were separated. It was a very depressing and hard time. Those who died still deserve honor and they would be honored with a confederate flag. They died fighting for what they believed in, therefore there would be no better way to honor them but with the flag that represented what they believed in. “Battle flags become totems for the men who serve under them, for their esprit de corps, for their sacrifices.”…show more content…
Wright is disagreed with by many when she said, “The Grand Old Party of President Abraham Lincoln fought to end slavery during the Civil War. Yet, todays GOP seems to be fighting on the wrong side of the race war.” (Wright). Just because the GOP or republican party is usually not for “Black lives matter” or putting black lives above all other lives does not mean they are for slavery. Also, just because the original confederate states fly a flag does not mean they are for slavery either. The flag is a reminder of where we have been and where we do not want to be again. That does not mean it represents slavery that means it represents lost lives and history. She says she does not know if she can be a republican because she is black but Ben Carson is a black republican and is running for president. “…Because I don’t know a black person in America who feels that way.” (Wright). Ms. Wright wrote when talking about only whites wanting the flags flown. Ms. Wright should have done some research before making such a bold statement, because there are black people who have come out and said they can see a southerner’s view or even that they agree with it. Slavery is not over. It never has been over. Slave trafficking is growing rapidly and yet no one has anything to say about it. It is illegal, but so are drugs that does not mean it is not done. Slaves during the Civil War just eventually lead to different kind of slaves. Today, slave trafficking is a huge problem, but yet we
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