Should The Correctional Be Reformed Into Law Abiding Citizens?

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Most individuals believe criminals are transmitted to prison to be reformed into law-abiding citizens. Typically, we focus on the crimes committed and neglect the fact that they are humans that made an error; people who require guidance. The correctional system’s original purpose is retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation. While the correctional system was created with the right intentions, it has caused negative psychological impacts. Research has shown that a majority of criminals are deteriorating. The correctional facility not only affects criminals, but guards as well. Police guards have one of the highest mental health rates. Overall, since this is an issue that affects a variety of people, a possible solution to this could be to get them professional psychological assistance, improve overcrowding issues or getting their families involved. Federal prisons are supposed to be solving problems, not creating them. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Department of Justice, stated that out of the 44.8% of federal prisoners that had mental illness only 4.8% had a history of mental disorders. This demonstrates that the majority of prisoners did not experience any mental disorders before being admitted to prison. Prisoners go through traumatic situations in prisons that they have never witnessed, which can trigger and create these disorders. According to PBS, one of the most trusted news programs on television, in federal prisons 61 percent of
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