Should The Cost Of Abortion: Should Teens Be Mandatory?

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The removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. There are 19% of teens who have sexual intercourses each years. 78% of these legacies are unplanned and 6 out of 10 of these pregnancies are teens that are 18-19 years of age. There are 46% of high school students that has already had sex and 62% of high school seniors that has already had sex. Getting pregnant at a young age is like a baby having a baby. If you get pregnant before 16 years old you won't be able to take care of the child, because most jobs hire at 16 years old. Working at minimum wage and still going to school also having to take care of a child you won't get any sleep. Because teens are having sex at young ages they are getting abortions. Teens choose abortions because it's less money. A lot of young teen moms ask themselves if they are ready to be parents. A lot of them look at the relationships they have with their parents and family. Some also involves their peer group, but the person they had sexual interactions with has the most say if they should abort or keep the child. Teens can't handle the responsibility of being a mother or father at a young age considering job are only paying minimum wage. Some teens say they feel mature or responsible enough to raise a child. The cost of raising a child…show more content…
Pregnancies are usually in the first 12 weeks of the pregnancies get an abortions. A lot of young parents that are still in school fight with the other parent about keeping the baby, because of their funds or time, working and going to school. If the child has disabilities or could possible have them a lot of teen parents abort them because they would have to drop out of school to take care of the child, It would be way different but having a baby that was born natural with no disabilities or
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