Should The Death Penalty Be Justified?

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Should the Death Penalty be a widely accepted practice by the judicial system in each state? The ability to control the population of those who violate the laws of the country is a valuable asset we as a society have evolved into making a permanent aspect of our judicial system. Capital Punishment is described as "the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime" ("capital punishment"). Despite Capital Punishment being in use for hundreds of years, there is still tension behind the idea of whether or not it is morally right to practice amongst a civilized society. Since colonial days around thirteen-thousand people have been tried, deemed guilty, and executed by the state ( White, Deborah). There is a point a person crosses where death seems to be the only fitting punishment for the crime. The United States judicial system has evolved to possess a low tolerance for crime since the potential criminals have been inclined to commit more outrageously awful crimes. Instead of prisons taking the guilty into rehabilitation for the rest of their lives, it’s proved more effective to execute the worst criminals providing both a fitting punishment and also have ridden the world of certain criminals who have shaken the society in which they reside. The death of the guilty provides closure for the victim 's family, demonstrates government involvement and serves as the ultimate punishment for deserving criminals. The United States government 's involvement proves to
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