Should The Drug Offenders Be Treated?

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Currently the United States is one of the major super powers in the whole world and one of the biggest growing country. The main topic of this research is how unfair the justice system is towards drug offenders and how much of a burden the prison population is in towards our country. My research will hopefully find that the drug offenders are being treated more harshly than any other offender out there and the fact that it does impact the amount of incarcerated individuals we have inside the prison and causing a prison population crisis.

Currently the only way to find out whether the drug offenders really does impact our society is through census and surveys conducted by the government. Many articles and government censuses have been published and conducted throughout the years, I’ll be pulling in information from recent studies about our prison population and drug offenders. 

 The United States is currently at the top for having the most prisoners in the world. We currently have the largest prison population in the world. Our prison held an estimate of 1, 574, 700 prisoners as of December 31, 2013, in which it had an increase of 4, 300 inmates compared from 2012. The most surprising fact out of all these statistics is the fact that more that half of the incarcerated inmates are drug offenders. The idea of the “War on Drugs” may have been great at first but has it backfired on us? Has it made things worst for our country? The idea in itself is great, to have a better…
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