Should The Giver Die

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Would you die for something you believe in? “ I won't ! I won’t go home ! You can’t make me (p.109).” Jonas is distressed after seeing the release of a new born baby after his father told him the releases were good. This is why Jonas wants to leave the community because he believes it's full of lies. In addition the ending of the Giver is open ended. This means that there are two options for an ending one is that they are physically and emotionally dead. Or they have lived to see Elsewhere. I have evidence that they have officially died. Firstly Gabe and Jonas are physically breaking down and dying because of two reasons. One is that they are starving. “ tortured by hunger (p.217).” This implies that they are losing their strength because of lack of food and hydration. The factor of hypothermia is another reason that they are dying. “ He was hungry, cold , and terribly week (p.218).” Most people can survive 2-8 days without food or water, under these conditions that means they have even less time to live. Jonas and Gabe are starving and slowly losing body heat , so it is clear they are dying.…show more content…
“When you die you have 7 minutes of brain activity left, which is your brain playing back memories in a dream sequence (” In the last few pages of the book it says that he is seeing memories of his past which is common for a near death experience or NDE. Then just before Jonas and Gabe find Elsewhere he suddenly becomes peaceful and with no pain despite his “twisted ankle (p.214).” Plus the despite his growling belly and frozen body. “Meeting a powerful spiritual being who appears in the form of a brilliant light (” During the findings of ‘Elsewhere’ Jonas climbed over a hill and the first thing he sees is a bright light and feels
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