Should The Government Failed To Correspond?

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The issue we had chosen was very important because many general peoples around the UK are scuffling (disturbing) and struggling with transport services. So the public’s were attentive (aware) of this, UK got the most expensive train fares in whole Europe. People up and down the UK are being priced off our railways unable to use the train to get to work. Our Government is responsible as it regulates 60% of train fares and these have increased by 20% in the past 5 years. Unregulated (not control by laws) train fares can rise even further. Fares keep rising because the Government is cutting its contribution to the railways and making passengers pay more. So we are campaigning to reduce them prizes and convince the government to super wishing transport services…show more content…
People who live in countryside areas for them improve the transport services because the most recent census found that 9.3million people – 17.6 per cent of England’s population – live in rural areas. In urban areas in the UK they have expensive fares for local general peoples. Transport services could affect the country s economic position. So, transport is one of those most important services for public. We will use the information in the PowerPoint and that questionnaire is well to show the students what this campaign is about and what we are aiming for. What our purposes... The PowerPoint will help enhance their student’s knowledge so they learn more about this better transport campaign. The questions will be given out at the beginning and the end of our session so we know how much they learn in the session how much they know about our campaign for better transport better care. Then we are going to talk about the success we achieved in our campaign. After that soon as they ask some question to us, we were needing to ready to answer them as clear as
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