Should The Government Have The Right To Privacy

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The word privacy is not found in the constitution. However, the right to privacy comes from different places, including the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. At the same time, the government have the duty to protect the freedom and lives of the citizen. So, there is a cost for that? Now, the debate is if the government is violating our freedom when is come to privacy spying and recording our phone calls, text and internet activates, and can be more like banks transactions, credit card purchased and what kind of books are we getting from libraries. The true in my opinion is that we do not know at what level is the government is watching us, or the measurement of privacy the government think that we deserve. By the same token, there is the argument I guess, that if you are not doing something wrong and have nothing to hide, why would you care?…show more content…
When should the government have the right to step beyond, without going to court to have the permission to spy on a person? Having said this, privacy have more importance when comes to protect the freedom of the citizen by the constitution. Simultaneously, in terms of technology being created that makes your personal information harder and harder for other people to hack and used for wrong purpose, we have the right to protect our privacy from hackers in order to protect ourselves and family. But, if the government have a concern or suspicious about that… well in my opinion the government should have is an ability to either a court order, or other process to be able to get whatever information they think they are entitle to
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