Should The Government Provide Free Health Care For All Citizens?

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Should the U.S. government provide free health care for all citizens? Free health care for all citizens, is a very controversial topic that has been debated for years. This debate concerns many pros and cons, such as “CNN reporting that 45,000 Americans are dying per year because they do not have access to health care because of costs.” According to research and statistics, majority of the people say that they agree with having free health care. Most people agreed because they believe it is the government’s job to help the ones that are in need. This paper will discuss why free health care is needed, what problems are caused by not providing free healthcare for all citizens, and the solutions that will benefit everyone. Health care is important because it is needed in today’s world for people who need treatment but cannot afford it because of their financial situation. Everybody in this world is not rich. With this in mind, health care should no longer be something that citizens pay for. It is a doctor’s job to make sure their patients are healthy and leave much better than how they came. Without money, it is almost impossible to do that. The fact that health care isn’t free for everyone causes problems. Wealthy people being able to afford health care and poor people not are the first and biggest problem that we have today. This is very unfair. Whether a person is rich or poor, they still need the proper treatment and care in order for

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