Should The Intervention Be Effective?

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A posttest will also be completed to make sure that the intervention was appropriate and if any changes need to be made in the educational material. Pre/Post tests are generally considered a reliable source to evaluate if an intervention is being effective (Dimitrov & Rumrill, 2015). Another evaluation tool to see if the intervention has been effective will be the HPV vaccination rate that is release by the Florida. If the rate goes up at the sites and the providers that have participated in the research then it could be considered reliable due to specificity. The educational interventions that are completed at the Lake county health department locations will be easier to monitor due to vaccination rates being distributed quarterly and with a breakdown at each site. The sites are dispersed throughout the county thus being able to evaluate the whole county as it relates to the health department. In conclusion, understanding the type of experiments that is being conducted can add to the validity of the project. This project is a quasi-experimental study because of the lack of random selection of the participants within the study. The intervention is focused on an education as a means to increase the HPV vaccination rate. The evaluation of the project is through the HPV vaccination rates that are released quarterly for health department participating and yearly for other medical providers. Outcomes The desired outcome for the project is to increase the HPV
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