Should The Legal Alcohol Age Be Changed?

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Introduction To fight for our country at the age of 18 and seeing things that only you could imagine in the battlefield. Coming home from deployment and just wanting a simple beer for your hard work but not being able to buy any because you are not 21 years of age. How is that fair to the men in the military forces? Fighting for our country’s freedom but not being able to have a few beers with your closest friends and family members. The topic of the legal alcohol age being changed has been a great topic for anyone to discuss. It ties in with the military, it can be connected to criminal justice, and it can be related to alcohol safety at college.
Alcohol Consumption There are many pros and cons on the topic of changing the legal alcohol buying age to 18. For example a major pro for alcohol at the age of 18 is adulthood. Eighteen is the age of adulthood in the United States, and we as adults should have the right to make our own decisions about alcohol consumption. At the age of 18 we are allowed to gamble, serve on juries, vote, smoke cigarettes, and serve the military. Also not to mention to be responsible for signing contracts and also the ability to get married. When we turn 18 we already have great responsibilities, so why shouldn’t the age limit of drinking and buying alcohol be dropped to 18. If 18 year olds can vote for the leader of our country, they are probably responsible enough to consume alcohol. The biggest reason the alcohol age limit is at 21…
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