Should The Marijuana Be Banned?

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Legalize It
Recently I found myself a patron of Liquor Barn, a relatively new establishment, and some-what awe-inspiring sight. The idea of this incredibly mammoth collection of adult beverage choices under one roof is dizzying at the least. I personally recommend a visit to anyone who would consider themselves a responsible connoisseur of the finer, adult beverages the world has to offer. I had been listening to a debate on the local National Public Radio station about the recent lifting of the cannabis ban in a few states while driving in my car. I was a bit curious what the cashier of this fine establishment thought of the idea of lifting the ban in Kentucky. I decided to make a joke of it. I did this decision making while approaching the store. Once inside I selected a very fine bottle of single malt scotch, and my lovely wife chose a box of wine. Finer wine does not come in a box, but when you are as thirsty as she seems to be, you are looking for quantity not quality. Often, she informs me that it is because of me that she is driven to drink. I of course would disagree, but that is a different argument entirely. Once at the register I did indeed pose my not so funny joke to the cashier. I asked her what she thought the chances were that we would see a store similar in size to the Liquor Barn that sold just cannabis, Doritos, assorted chocolates, and other various ‘munchables’. Such a store might be called Weed World or Marijuana Mart. The cashier looked at me like I…

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