Should The Microchip Implants Be Implemented?

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Some questions that everyone must ask about the microchip implants is, how will this technology be implemented? Will it be mandatory or a choice? Who will be in control of the device? And is it a medically sound device? The answer to the first question is a two part answer the first part being that the RFID chip is not a new concept the implementation of this device has already begun. People should be made aware that for a number of years now they have been getting the public acclimated to the idea of the microchip implants in ways such as offering them as a means to track lost pets and wandering livestock so first and foremost the primary use of the device is to track. They have since moved on to other means of utilizing the chip, they are now slowly rolling out credit and debit cards that contain the RFID chip technology, which controls the access to your funds so as said before the concept is not new it has been a work in progress. Now as to how it will transition from a device put in animal and credit/debit card to one that is placed in the body of human beings, one need only look at how the device is now being marketed and whom the device is being marketed to. Currently as things stand, it seems that the microchip implant will be implemented as a medical device or a least it is being marketed as such “VeriChip the subsidiary of the company Applied Digital Solution, is the only official distributor of the FDA approved human-implantable RFID microchips, market their

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